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First, please do a “Reply” to this e-mail immediately so I know who got it and who did not.
Second, I’m just guessing on a lot so all the e-mails were left open so people who know more than I do can “Reply all” if appropriate.  This can be a conversation.
Third, will those who are driving let me know the number of seats you have available, please be sure you have a current insurance card with you.
Fourth, we will be leaving from PEPC at 10:00 am on Sunday the 19th of June.  (the time is a recent change)
Some notes:
1.  Boys MUST have completed medical forms in order to leave PEPC headed for camp.
2.  Boys MUST wear their Class A scout shirt while in  route to and from camp.
3.  If there are any boys who have special medical, dietary or others needs or requirements please call me at the phone number below.  All information will remain confidential.  In the past, years ago, I have been the medical officer for camp in another state.  My EMT license has long expired but I haven’t exactly forgotten everything, but I really would like to know what to watch for.
4.  The boys will be eating in the dining hall.  There will be some snacks provided and the boys may bring some stuff but they will have to be prepared to “bear-proof” it.
5.  I understand there is a camp store so the boys may want some spending change.  The leaders cannot be responsible for it.  In my past life I limited the boys to a max of $20.  That did not include costs for merit badges they had signed up for.
The philosophy:  In discussion with Mr. Souza his objective with this camp is to prepare the boys for longer term camps and backpack trips.  For that reason he is encouraging the boys to pack and prepare as if they were going on a weeklong back pack trip.  This would mean that they probably would not be brining cabin tents, cots, foot lockers, PS3 and the TV.  This is not a mandatory requirement however this is the intent and the direction he is trying to go, also get them away from the “car camp” mentality.  This is also then something that they should be working out with their patrol for the camp, e.g. two boys in the same tent one brings the tent the other some other shared item.  There will be hikes but no overnight camps away from the main camp.  (I will confess that I will be bringing the cabin tent, cot, chuck box, etc. etc.  That’s what it takes to get me out these days.)
Boys should bring; this list is not complete but some suggestions that may be different from the normal, whatever that is.
1.  There are water activities so swim suit, towel and probably some form of footwear appropriate to such an activity.
2.  There will be hikes so boys should have at least a fanny pack or small day pack, they should probably have it with them all the time anyway.
3.  Water, the boys should have water with them at all times.
4.  Sun protection to include hats, ointment or lotion, possibly sun glasses.
5.  Socks, please tell them to change socks daily!!  (those that need it please bring deodorant)
6.  There are showers, we will encourage the boys to use them, I suspect they will be cold showers, would you please encourage the boys to use them, we will encourage them anyway!
7.  It will get cold at night and it is Colorado so we could get a foot of snow and rain could almost be a certainty, Be Prepared.
8.  Ticks were always a problem in Florida, I don’t know if that is true here but tell the boys how to check themselves for ticks.
9.  Bring some sort of chair for sitting around camp fire, table etc.  I do not know if we have tables or benches in camp.
10.  When sleeping on the ground have a pad or air mattress of some sort, you can lose more heat to the ground than the air.
OK, let me know what I have forgotten.
Eric W. Freund
In addtion:

Hello to everyone going to Tahosa, I am also going to be helping Mr Souza out next week. For those of you interested I am going to be teaching the Wilderness Survival  Merit Badge during out down/free time at camp. If you want to take the class and get the MB please bring your worksheet, pen/pencil, your survival kit (#5) and a space blanket if you have one. Also plan on spending one night in a “improvised natural shelter” (Thus the space blanket). If you have any other gear that could help us survive (flint/steel, signal mirror, fire starter, satalite phone, etc.) please bring it so that we cant play/practice/learn it. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
Steve Johnson

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