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Troop 88 Meeting Nov 1, 2011

Josh noticed that only three patrols had flags.  All patrols need to bring their flags to the meetings.
Josh also stated that we need more enthusiasm in the meetings.

Mr. Ski helped to welcome five Webelos who “snuck in” from Pack 369 to visit us.  He said that all Webelos should sneak into Troop meetings to really see what is going on.

The boys were all welcomed with the typical “GROUP HUG!”

Mr. Ski reminded everyone that we need to respect the speed limits of the parking lot, 20 MPH, and the dirt road by the Youth Minister’s house, 5 MPH.  He also reminded us that the Youth Minister has a dog so we need to be extra careful when driving on the dirt road.

Special thanks to Zach S, Mr. Milerowski and Mrs. Palmore for helping with the Haunted Maze.  We should have numbers within the next few weeks.  This is our 3rd year doing the Haunt and the money from the event goes to the Troop to help pay for things like boats and rafts.

Again the question was asked, “Where is your scarf?”  Starting in the fall, Troop 88 wears neckerchiefs as part of our uniform.  Please find yours or let us know that you cannot find it.

We need boys to step up and help plan the annual Turkey Bowl!  We want to play football – the muddier the field, the better!

We also need boys to step up and help plan the annual Christmas Party!

Thanks to Noah and Ben for helping to run the Straw Maze on Main St this Halloween!  Thanks also goes to the boys who handed out fliers for Parker Station.

Josh announced that tonight’s activity is to clean out the Patrol boxes.  We need to do a better job of cleaning them when we use them instead of at a Troop meeting.

No meeting on the 22nd since that is Thanksgiving week.  The 29th is a Fun Night.  Stay tuned for more details on that.

Start thinking and planning for a Dutch Oven Cook-off.  That will be in January.

Mr. Johnson will be holding a First Aid Merit Badge class on Nov 13th.  See the Troop website for details.

The Troop Patrol Board and Troop Activity Board needs to be updated.  The Scribe needs to work on this with Dylan H.  Dylan still needs to complete some tasks on the boards.

Josh requested that we not charge up and group hug the visitors any more.  Some of the boys looked a bit scared by the hoard.  Definitely welcome the visitors but let’s find another way to make them feel welcome.

Nando said a prayer for our Troop members who have recently had family members pass as well as family members in the hospital.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to them!


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