Salisbury Park – July 3rd

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Please sign up for one hour shifts to sell Glo Sticks, Bracelets, etc.

When: July 3rd

Where: Salisbury Park (Wear Class A’s, no Scarves)

Contact Mrs. Grubb

Rockies Tickets – Fireworks Game

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Tickets for the Rockies are available for the July 3rd fireworks game, $15.

Catalina Island Scouters

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Mrs. McClure needs all forms ASAP if you are going to Catalina.

Breakout Session on 6/15 Troop Mtg

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As you know Camp Dietler at P.V. is right around the corner. Many of the merit badges that you signed up for have a requirement to do first aid and/or CPR at home. To help you out I am going to hold a break out session at the troop meeting on 6/15 and cover First Aid and CPR for those merit badge classes. Please bring your First Aid kits and any CPR barrier masks you may have.

See you on Tuesday
Steve Johnson

Family Life – Merit Badge

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This is your opportunity to earn an Eagle Required Merit Badge: Family Life. Our first meeting will be Tuesday June 8 during the committee meeting at PEPC. You can get a head start by printing the worksheet from and starting on the chores, then bring it with you to the meeting. Books can be checked out from the Troop Library or the Parker Library.

If you are interested in attending this class, please respond to Mary Bepristis at or Sue Schulhoff

Thank you and Good luck
Mrs. Bepristis and Mrs. Schulhoff

5/25/10 Scribe Notes

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All troop – please try to come to all meetings this summer!

May 27th – please try to come to the Parker Senior center to assist taking down pics

May 28-31: Vedauwoo WY Memorial Day family camp-out and climbing merit badge; see e-mail from Mr. Krey for all attachments you will need to bring.

Merit Badges at summer camp: please bring blue cards, worksheets, merit badge books on the badge(s) you will be working on and have prerequisites completed

Saturday, June 12th Parker Days Parade

Mr. Ski is turning 55 on Thursday!!

July 4th – We will sell the Glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets.

Regards –
Cody S.
Troop Scribe

Camp Dietler Information

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If your scouts are going to Camp Dietler and would like to take Rifle or Shotgun here is the information you need.

These are the times that Rifle and Shotgun are available.

Rifle Shooting is available in periods 1 (9:00-10:00) and 2 (12:00 – 2:00). If your son would like to switch out one of his merit badges to do rifle please let me know very soon.

Shotgun is available in periods 2 (12:00 – 2:00) and 3 (2:15 – 4:00) If your son would like to switch one his merit badges to do shotgun please let me know. (Shotguns are better suited for older boys of age 13 years or older.)

Joy Hawkins (303-841-2047)

Swim Test

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Troop 88 will be hosting a second Swim Test for all the boys who could not make it to the first one. The swim test is scheduled on June 2nd from 6:30 to 8:30 at the Parker Rec Center.

Where: Parker Rec Center
When: Wednesday, June 2nd
Cost: $3.50
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

TLT Training

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PLEASE HELP!!!! URGENT!!!! We need an Adult Leader to head up the TLT training for our Boy Scouts in Leadership. It is scheduled for March 5th (Next Friday night). If we don’t have an Adult Leader to head it up it will need to be rescheduled for the 19th of March. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

You can talk to me at the Court of Honor on Tuesday to sign up to Lead this program for the boys. Mr. Armenta did a fabulous job on the Dec. training. I am sure he has lots of insight he could share with the great person who volunteers for this training!

Jean Fanning
Activities Coordinator

Friends in Scouting

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Hello 88,

Our Court of Honor is coming up and we usually conduct our Friends of Scouting Campaign that evening. I would like to free up a little time that night for the awards so I would like to solicit your pledge now.
I will have pledge cards and special award patches Tuesday night. So please contibute to this worthy cause.
The cost for each of OUR SONS to be a Scout in the Denver Area Council is $150.00. I would hope we can at least cover the expenses.

Remember why I support this cause: The money stays here for our boys. It does not go elsewhere. It goes to camp equipment, supplies,remodeling,programs,…at Tahosa, PV, Magness…all the places our boys benefit from.

We were one of the top troops in Council last year with that expectation again this year. If your company matches your contribution, please remember to note that on the card.

I would like to see every one of us and our sons to wear these special shoulder patches.

Thank you for your generous contribution

Thank you,
Joe Skalisky

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