Amazing Race of Scouting!

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is coming  August 21, 2012!





Over $700 worth prizes

ARS is Coming! Be Prepared! August 21, 2012 @ 6:00pm

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ARS is coming  August 21, 2012!


Are you ready?



14er Climb

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Depart- Friday Aug 10th 5:30pm from Park and Ride Lincoln and Jordan (Wear your Class A’s)
Hike- Saturday Aug 11th
Return- Sunday August 12th around noonish.


Grays Peak 14,270’ and Torrey’s Peak 14,267’
Distance: 8.25 miles
Elevation gain: 3,600ft
Location: (Up I -70 past Georgetown)
Route info:

What to wear hiking:

-Hat with brim
-Broken in hiking boots with wicking socks
-Hiking pants with removable leggings or something windproof for lower body
-Daypack containing:
-10 essentials
-1-2 liters of water
-Polar fleece
-Light rain proof parka
-Lightweight gloves for warmth
-Medicine for headache and stomach ache
-Snacks-high protein (granola, trail mix, jerky, candy bars, etc)
-Camera (optional)
-Treking poles (optional)


We will be camping 2 nights (location still being determined) so please bring your normal overnight gear which includes but is not limited to: tent, sleeping bag, toiletry items and bug spray, etc. If you do not wish to camp both nights you are still welcome to come hike with us on Saturday, however, you will need to make your own ride arrangements. The last mile or so up to the trail head requires a higher clearance SUV, but not 4wheel drive.

How to Prepare:

-Get in shape! I know the hike is just around the corner but the better shape you are in the higher your chances are of making the summit. Any activity is good, biking, hiking, running, playing sports.
-1-2 day before the hike start drinking lots of fluids, the more the better!! (not soda).
-Eat a high carb meal such as pasta the night before and bananas the morning of the hike.
-Drink frequently during the hike and before you feel thirsty
-It might very well turn out that one or more of the boys decides to turn around and that’s ok, climbing 14ers is hard!

Boys Life?!
There is a rumor that Boys Life Magazine might send a photographer along to document our hike for a possible future story in the magazine!! I will keep everyone posted on if this rumor is true or not.
Questions Please contact
Alan Buckingham

Farewell to Summer Boating Event

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Farewell to Summer Boating Event

August 18th, 2012
10am – 4pm

Chatfield Gravel Pond

For more info contact Gary Souza @ 303-875-4541

Upper Cataract Lake and Eaglesmere Lake Backpacking

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  •  Mr. Moncier and I have started to plan a trip for June 29,30 and July 1.

    This will be an intermediate level hike consisting of 15 miles and two separate nights of camping (this mets the requirements of the backpacking MB). Please don’t sign up if you are new to backpacking, a beginner, or not physically fit to do the 15 miles. There will be a backpacking 101 offered later in the summer.

    We will be camping at Upper Cataract Lake and Eaglesmere Lake in the Eagles Nest wilderness area. We will leave early Friday morning and return Sunday evening. More details to follow.

    I will have a sign up sheet at the next couple of meetings or you can e-mail me if you can’t make the meetings. I would like to have at least 4 adults going and of course we will always need drivers/seat belts. Also depending on the response we may have to limit the size, since it is in a wilderness area, so don’t sign up unless you are sure you can go and make it the whole way.

    It should be a lot of fun! Its a beautiful area and the fishing is not bad!

    Email Mr. Johnson or Mr. Moncier for questions.

Tahosa Summer Camp

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We are getting down to the final run for Tahosa Summer Camp, here are the details:
I have included the contents of the earlier e-mail because all of that is still current.

So far the full-time adults attendees are Mr. Schultz and myself with Mr. Ramirez possibly part-time (depends on baby). Another adult would be great even if only for part-time ESPECIALLY for Friday!

On Friday I have a conflict and need to be at a Douglas County Emergency Management Event if at all possible. It runs 8-5 so if an adult could come up Thursday and stay through Friday evening or Saturday that would be great.

We will need more drivers for equipment. My vehicle will be limited so will need at least a pickup truck load for my stuff as well. If you can drive please e-mail me ASAP!

I will be brining my personal chuck box which is very large and heavy as well as the shelter, dutch ovens, fire wood, etc. We will meet at PEPC on Sunday the 17th at 10:00 with a departure time of 10:30.

URGENT: I need the phones numbers of the parents for each of the boys and their e-mails, obviously I have some e-mails but never got any phones number. I need those immediately.

Only two Medical Forms have been received so far. We will need all of those no later than 6/12/12.  We have a fun night tonight so some may not be there and I will not be at that as well.  The preferred method to get the Medical Forms would be electronic, scan it and send it to my e-mail address. If you do not want to do that then provide the hard copy, I will scan it and return the original to you. This way you keep the original for future use and I can print them whenever necessary. Special medical or dietary needs need to be communicated ASAP so we can make proper arrangements at Tahosa.

Boys MUST wear Class A Uniform for travel and “flags”. This includes scarf. We only have 8 boys going this time so one patrol and on the 12th they will elect a patrol leader so all boys need to be present on that date.

We should try to set up tent groups as soon as possible, I can bring a tent large enough for four if necessary but even if we all are in two-person tents we should not have more than 6 (4 for boys, 2 for adults). We will control where they set up a bit better this time as we have a few that decided to set up far from the rest of the troop and we won’t do that this time. It rained pretty hard and long the first night last time and the camp ranger said it almost always rains at some point so I would suggest each tent have an additional tarp for over the tent because after several hours of rain they began to soak through.

Obviously the boys need to have ponchos! It can still be cold up at camp so make sure boys are prepared for it.

It would also be suggested that the boys bring cots this time, this will get them well off the ground if it does rain, they will also be more comfortable especially if they will include a pad with it. They will need the pad for the mini-trek as well.

The boys might want to consider brigning all their stuff in a single (one only one) tote box, easier to contain and less chance of getting wet. They will still need a fanny pack for around camp, they boys should always have water with them, and a backpack for the mini-trek

We will not have a lodge again this year but will have a new 10’x20’ (garage) shelter we will use just like last time.

The list of Merit Badges is listed below and only one response has been received as to preferences. Need those ASAP! Each boy should select several in priority order. They will be spending most of their time with COPE and the mini-trek but the evenings and Friday will be open for Merit Badges. Strongly suggest the water options for Friday. We still plan on a game and treat night, probably for Thursday, dutch oven deserts, ball of ice cream, etc. If anyone has particular games they want to recommend or bring please let me know.

It is recommended that boys do not bring electronics, too easy to lose or get damaged.

There is a camp store and the boys always hit that pretty hard so if sending money please don’t send a lot, less heartache when they lose it!

Swim tests, we will probably have to do these at camp so make sure the boys have their swim suits easily accessible because we will do that right after check in.

There will be an emergency drill Sunday night.

There is fishing if any boys wants to bring equipment.

Meals will be in the dining hall except for the mini-trek.

Things TO BRING:
Tent (shared)
Sleeping Bag
Light Blanket
Pillow (?)
Sleeping Pad
10 Essentials
Fanny Pack
Swim Suit
Class A Uniform (scarf!)
Sun Screen
Water Bottle
Extra Shoes
Flip-Flops/Water Shoes
Chair Ground Cloth/Tarp
Ditty Kit (showers)
T-Shirts (watch slogans!)
Hiking Boots
First Aid Kit (Fanny Pack)
Sun Glasses
Insect Repellant
Tote Box

CD Player
Game Boys
Electronic Toys
Too Much Money

I know there are still questions, Please Call Me,
Mr. Freund! 720-351-7096

Vedauwoo Climbing Merit Badge and Family Campout 2012

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Troop 88,

Here is the info for Vedauwoo, bring merit badge worksheet if working on merit badge.  All RSVP ASAP so I can make sure we have enough seatbelts– drivers – I need seat belt totals.  Of course I forgot the sign up sheet Tuesday night so EMAIL!!!!

Here is the link for the med form

Don’t print and bring me 27 pages – only part A & B – no Dr. signature.

Final planning Tuesday 5/22/12 meals, lone scout patrol…..

Travel in class A’s

Email me with questions (not too many)

Steve Krey

New Scout Campout

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New Scout Campout is coming up, May 4, 5 &6 near Castlewood Canyon.  All new scouts are HIGHLY encouraged to attend to work on rank advancements Tenderfoot through 1st Class and have loads of fun!  A sign up sheet will be at the April 24th & May 1st meeting or you can contact Mr. Moncier (ten.tsacmocnull@reicnomrj) if you plan to attend.

Meet @ PEPC by 5pm, Friday May 4th.  Please eat dinner before arriving, we will not be cooking the first night.  Please bring medical forms.  NO MEDICAL FORM – NO CAMPING!!!!!

Contact Mr. Moncier for further information – ten.tsacmocnull@reicnomrj

DAC – Scout Show

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Denver Area Council

2012 Scout Show

“Be Prepared”

April 28, 2012

am-4:00 pm

Western Complex

of Education

year Troop 88 will have a First Aid Booth.

Scouts; Tiger thru Eagle will come by our booth, see multiple First Aid
demonstrations from you, then build the basics of a Personal First Aid Kit.


We need to
begin collecting the following items:


Band aids                               tape

2X2’s or
4×4 gauze pads      Non-Latex gloves



This is a
project for the entire troop.  Scouts,
Moms & Dads!

Let’s make
our booth the best at the Scout Show to win:


Outstanding Booth Appearance
– Creativity, Appearance, Participation

Outstanding Scout Spirit
– Knowledge of Exhibit; degree of youth involvement Demonstration
of skill

3. Best
Use “Be Prepared”
and provide and Adventurous activity for the participants.

Please contact
Mrs. Moncier or Mrs. Crowder for details



Pioneer Trails District Winter Klonderee

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Winter Adventure



Pioneer Trails District

Winter Klonderee

February 24, 25, & 26, 2012

Camp Tahosa – Ward, CO

Contact Mr. Bender @  ten.tsacmocnull@8220gnak

Plan now to continue the 2nd Century of Scouting by being among the “FROZEN CHOZEN”!!!!  It will be a Klonderee Adventure you won’t soon forget!

There’s cold in them thar hills!!

And you best plan to be there . . .else you’ll miss out on the winter adventure of a lifetime!

We will go

We will love it


We will become



Pioneer Trails District Winter Klonderee

Feb 24-26, 2012

Camp Tahosa

Scouts will be ‘Beating the Freeze’ for winter adventure as they participate in some Freezing Fun events to include: Extreme Freeze Fishing,  Frozen Noze Hockey, Frozen Toe Snowshoeing & BeyondSlaying the Frozen Barr Muzzleloader Shootout (13 years and older Scouts with an additional $3 fee)(Limit of 10 boys per hour. Fee must be paid by February 10, 2012 to get a slot, first paid, first slotted until all slots are filled),  Tahosa Freeze Cross-Country Ski Trek (Slots are limited to 15 boys per two hour session with an additional $3 fee per boy, skis and guides are provided. Fees must be paid by February 10, 2012 to get a slot. A Cross Country Ski race will take place at the end of the day),  Freeze Kneez Orienteering Challenge with an optional Snowshoeing Orienteering Competition,  Freeze Zone Sled Race,  and Sailing on the Freeze Competition.

  • Come early on Friday the 24th and receive instruction on building your own Quinzee/Igloo Snow Shelter (Class starts at 4pm). Individual and Patrol/Troop Awards will be given for all Races and Competitions. Special recognition will also be given for specific activities.

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