4/2/13 Scribe Notes

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Hey Troop 88!

Here are the notes for the tonight’s meeting:

  • April 4th- OA Meeting at LDS Church north of Chaparral, if you have just been accepted into OA there will be another callout for you so make sure to come
  • April 9th- Committee Metting
  • April 13th- Pioneer Trails Merit Badge College at 7:30am: If you want to know more about it visit the District’s website, just a reminder to find out about any pre-requisites you need to complete before going to the college by the link to sign-up is a link to all the merit badges and the pre-reqs. If you want to complete the merit badge at the college make sure all these requisites are completed.
  • April 16- Troop Meeting: 6:30pm to 8:00pm
  • April 23- Troop Meeting: 6:30pm to 8:00pm ALL SCOUT SHOW CARD MONEY DUE
  • April 27-Scout Show: 10am-4pm at the National Western Stock Show Complex. Our troop’s booth will be the Burp Saloon where we will be selling Root Beer so make sure you sign up to help
  • May 3-5 New Scout Campout-At same place it was held last year, more details to come
  • If you are interested in going to Camp Dobbins this year make sure you meet with Mr.Rose to get the packet with more information

Thank you to all the scouts who attended Ben S.’s Eagle Court of Honor and to all who help clean up the grounds the church really appreciated it!

One more note PLEASE HELP TAKE DOWN AND SET OUT THE ROUND TABLES AFTER THE MEETING!!!! The more people that help the faster we will get it down.

Colin K

Scribe notes 3/5/13

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Hey guys these are the last scribe notes I’ll be doing and they are also tonights.

-The troop 88 25year badges came in so if you preordered one they are available for you to get, if you did not order one before hand the extras are on a first come first serve basis so get them whil you can because I’m sure they’ll be gone soon.
- Go see crazy for you at Legend Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:00 also those days at Ponderosa those same days is singing in the rain.
- Year of the knot is still going on so make sure you practice your knots so that you can become a knot master.
- A new scout named Wyatt joined our troop so make sure to make him feel welcome.
- If you want you can sign up the Young Eagles flight for the aviation merit badge. If you don’t get in it this time you will probably be able to do it in September.
-March 15 is a magic show if you want tickets scouts are free and Mr. Ski has tickets so email Mr. Ski if you want them. for all the sales that come from the tickets that the adults buy $5 will be donated to the troop.

Scribe Notes – February 26

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Hey guys here are the meeting notes from tonight, it was short so there aren’t many.

This weekend is A-Basin and tonight was the last night to sign up. I’m fairly certain they are not accepting any more people.
Tonight was the last night for rank advancement and merit badges so that you would get them at the court of honor
Please send Mr. Schmidt an email resume for the senior position you want.(SPL, ASPL, Scribe, etc…)
Troop Elections are next meeting
Our troop was third for the amount of eagles in the entire district with 15 though we did tie with another troop.
Mr Schmidt was sick so Mr. Schmidt I hope you feel better for the next meeting.

Jack Townsend

Scribe Notes – February 19, 2013

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Hey guys these are tonights meeting notes,

A-Basin weekend is March 13 see Mr. Johnson for more details.
Mrs. McClure has the King Supers Cards
Some people still still have a $200 deposit to make for Camp Cherry Valley. See Mr. Garin if you do.
Troop 88 elections are almost here so make sure  that if you want a leadership position that Mr. Schmidt has your resume so you can replace our current people. Last I heard there was no SPL so if you have wanted to be the SPL for a while now is your chance.
March 25th if you’re working on your Citizenship in the Community merit badge then the town council meeting is that night.

Jack Townsend

Scribe notes 2/5/13

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-Feb. 9th is the Troop 88 Merit Badge Academy the registration is at 8:15am and the morning session is 9:00am to 12:00 then lunch which will be a pot luck so parent please bring scout friendly food, the afternoon session is 1:00pm to 4:00pm though some may end a little bit earlier.
-There have already been some crossovers, 2 to be exact, we have 4 new scouts so far, please make them feel welcome. The next crossover is this Friday, February 8th at 6:30pm. It’s Pack 841 held at Parker United Methodist, the next one is Feb 23 at the same place for Pack 369.
-Feb. 10th is Scout Sunday at PEPC, please show up if you can to help even if you can’t stay the whole time.
-Feb. 16th is the Love Bowl at Legend High School at 10:00am.
-Feb. 26th is the New Scout Orientation. Please welcome the New Scouts that we’ll be getting.
-March 1-3 is A-Basin WeekendMr. Johnson sent out an email with waivers, rental information and the Snow Sports Merit Badge.
-March 5th is troop election and so if you want to be one of the positions with in the troop then please get a resume to Mr. Schmidt printed or in email form.
-March 12th is the Spring Court of Honor when our current senior staff go’s away and we get new people.
-If you don’t have a use for your old Merit Badge booklets that you have completed please give them to our librarian.
-Lastly, please, please, please come help out with Vince’s Eagle project this weekend at Mr. Rose’s house on Saturday, it starts at 10:00 though I don’t know when it ends.
Jack T.

Scribe Notes 1/22/2013

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Hey guys  these are tonights scribe notes from tonight.

- The Klonderee meeting was tonight, patrols were formed and food for the weekend was chosen. If you were not at the meeting to get a patrol tonight then you have been assigned one of the three patrols.
- If you are not sure if you  E-Mail Mr. Garin to see if you are still in the troop.
- If you plan on going to Rockin’ & Jammin’ you need to fill out the waiver from their website unless you regularly go there.
- February 9 is the MB college, sign up be February 2 by sending an E-Mail to Mrs. Moncier.
- Stepping back at bit to February 4 there will be a few new scouts crossing over, we need 8 scouts I think though I do not know who you contact if you would like to help.
- Aaron (the chaplains aide) created a prayer box, where you can put in a specific prayer you would like him to do for family and friends.
- It’s the Year of the Knot and adults wish older scouts to assist the younger scouts with the knots, and for the younger scouts to ask for the help.
- Mr. Ski got a nice present of all his scouting experiences.
- Troop 88 got two ‘the best’ awards: the best place to take your kids, and the best non profit organization.
- February 10, the weekend after Klonderee is Scout Sunday, it’s super fun and we need lots of scouts, we’ll be making donuts again.
My congratulations to Mr. Schmidt on his first meeting as the Scout Master.

Jack Townsend

Scribe Notes 1/8/2013

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-Mr. Ski retired =(  but Mr. Schmidt is becoming the new Scout Master yay! = )
-We are a good and we are what make us good so lets be good to Mr. Schmidt.
-All the leaders are halfway through their terms and so all the Patrol Leaders need to send out PLC notes or they wont get credit also Mr. Schmidt’s one requirement to get credit is send him the e-mail as well for this month next and March.
-No meeting next week for scouts it’s a comity meeting.
-January 22 we start the knots for the year of the knot. Try your hardest and I hope to see all you Knot Masters prove your skills.
-Rockin’ and Jamin’ may be the fun night, $12 for admission and another $10-$11 for renting gear. You must sign up next scout meeting if you have not already because if you don’t unless you arrive before 3:30 you’re going to be paying more. Also this is going to be an early fun night 3:30 to whenever.
-February 1-3 is Klonderie at Golden Gate Park and it will probably be cold so pack accordingly.
-Mr. Ski has 2 50below military sleeping bags for $140 a piece, these sell on the internet for $300 so if you want one contact him soon.


Jack Townsend

Scribe notes from 12/4/12

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Hey guys here are the notes from tonight.

Dec. 8th is the Parker Carriage parade. Meet Mrs. Moncier at the corner of Mainstreet & Pine Lane by the PACE center between 11:15-11:45 . Like every year, wear your Class A’s with sash and a Santa hat. We’ll be carrying the winning banners for the horse exhibits.

Dec. 15th 2 activities. Hammond Candy factory tour @ 10:00am. If you want to go let Mrs. Moncier know, there is still lots of space.
Also it is Boy Scout Ski Day at Copper Mountain. Let Mr. Moncier know if you want to go.

Dec. 18th is The Troop’s Christmas Party. It is no longer the 11th. It starts at 6:30 though some people need to come at 5:00 to set up. For White Elephant make sure your gifts don’t cost more than 5$.

The payment schedule for Catalina Island is as follows:
December 4th:  $200 Deposit
December 18th:  $200 Payment
January 15th:  $200 Payment
February 12th:  $200 Payment
March 19th: $200 Payment
If you have any questions, please talk to Mrs. McClure.

Mrs. Hoaglin has popcorn prizes for those of you that won them so go and get them.

Once again Congrats to Ian Hendrick for getting the rank of Eagle and passing with flying colours.

Scribe Notes 11/27/12

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Hey guys here are the scribe notes from tonight

Nov. 30: This weekend JLT. Any scout with a leadership position of is star and above should come. The next day Nov. 31, we will plan the 2013 Calendar.
Dec. 8: Parker Carriage Parade. Meet Mrs. Moncier at the corner of Main street & Pine Lane (by PACE center) between 11:15 and 11:45. Like every year wear you Class A and a Santa Hat. we’ll carry the winning banners for the horse exhibits.
Dec. 11: The Troop’s Annual Christmas Party. Mrs. Hendricks and Mrs. Schulhof will be sending information out soon!
Dec. 15: Hammond Candy factory tour @ 10am. If you want too go let Mrs. Moncier know.
Dec. 15: Boy Scout Ski Day at Copper Mountain. Let Mr. Moncier know if you want to go.

Christmas Wreaths are in. See Mrs. Jackson to get your’s if you ordered one or to buy an extra

Be watching for info. on what MB’s (merit badges) you’d like to earn. Our Troop ll joining Troop 868 in February for our own MB College. Andy will be sending a survey out within the next 2 weeks to get an input on what MB’s we are interested in.

Andy says: ‘Check out my completed Eagle Project at St. Mathews Dec. 2 from 9am-1pm. My Eagle Scout project was updating the thrift shop.’

Ian Hendrek is going for Eagle tomorrow night. GOOD LUCK!!!!! Everyone needs it when they are going for one of those, or they need skill.

Next Meeting, Mr. Townsend is doing a personal fitness MB class.

We had 15 Webellos at the open house tonight, awesome turnout.

Jack Townsend

Scribe Notes 11/6/12

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Hi guys,
I may have missed some things from the meeting last night so please don’t yell at me if I did.

here are 21 fun things you can do as a patrol for a meeting
1 Patrol Sleep over
2 Pizza night
3 Bowling
4 Movie night (at the theater or at someones house)
5 Go to the Park
6 Rock Climbing
7 Jumpstreet
8 Contact Parker Task Force for Food Drive
9 Flags at a town council meeting
10 Go golf
11 Swimming
12 Do a merit badge
13 Call a troop guide- skills night
14 Archery in Elizabeth
15 Hike Devils head
16 Destroy someones (not really) kitchen and cook dinner for patrol
17 Plan a troop activity, it helps everyone in the troop
18 Do a pioneering project
19 have  a patrol challenge afternoon
20 Practice color guard
21 Come up with more ideas for this list

Every patrol needs to contact Andy and tell him what they are doing for Webelos open house.

Boy Scout Nights with DU Basketball and Hockey
dates are Saturday, Jan. 12 2013 at Magness Arena and Saturday, March 9 2013
$15 for hockey $9 for basket ball
for hockey to pre order tickets go to www.DenverPioneers.com/tickets
enter the promo code BOYSCOUTHOCKEY for hockey and BOYSCOUTBASKETBALL for basket ball

2013 Big Horn Training at Tahosa
You MUST be 13 years old or older and be at least 1st Class
there are 5 weekends for training
Week 1 Sunday June 15
Week 2 Sunday June 22
Week 3 Sunday June 29
Week 4 Sunday July 6
Week 5 Sunday July 13
to register, Go to www.denverboyscouts.org, click on Training above the banner, go to Youth Leaders in the drop down box on the right hand side, go to Big Horn NYLT. Scroll down and click on the week that you wish to attend. Or you can go to www.nylt.org to register.

Denver Area Scout Show
April 27 2013 in the National Western Stock Show Complex
Same as always the tickets will sell for $10 and you will get $4

2013 Alpine High Adventures; a back country trek guaranteed to thrill even the most seasoned outdoors man.
Scouts will be in 11 people teams
Dates are the following:
Week 1 June 16 – 22
Week 2 June 23 – 29
Week 3 June 30 – July 6
Week 4 July 7 – 13
Week 5 July 14 – 20
Week 6 July 21-27
You must be at least 13 years old by September 1 to go

Venturing Snow snake Rendezvous
January 4, 5, & 6, 2013
board games; puzzles; shooting sports; Dutch oven cook-off (desserts), and many more things.
Contact Scott Elzas, ten.sazlenull@ttocs or 303-868-2774 for more info.

Jack T.

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