Troop 88 4-3-12 Meeting Minutes

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General Announcements:
  • 4-7-12 – Church clean-up, 9am, bring rakes, water, shovels
  • Sign-up for PV/Tahosa – Need to pay in the next 30 days – see Mr. Garin to pay
  • There will be an Orienteering Compass Course – see Mr. Moncier if interested
  • No fun night in April :>( But there will be one in May
  • 4-14-11 – Merit Badge College – sign-up on-line if you want to go!
  • 5-26-12 – Fire Station Open House, need 5 Scouts to volunteer – more information to come on this event…
  • 4-28-12 – Scout Show at the National Western Complex!  Troop 88 is doing a booth on 1st Aid – need more volunteers, starts at 10am, set-up starts at 8am
  • Up-coming Coney Parties – 5-4, 5-5, 5-6 and 5-11, 5-12, 5-13
  • 5-4 – 5-6 – New Scout Campout neat Castlewood Canyon
Scoutmaster Minute:
  • 5-3 – National Day of Prayer – Need Color guard at Southeast Christian Church at 6:30am – Will get Breakfast! See Alex Edwards to sign-up
Important Reminder:
  • Patrol Rosters need to be given to Alex Edwards ASAP!
Yours in Scouting,
Ian H.
FYI – Chuck Norris does not wear a watch, he decides what time it is!

Scribe notes 3-6-12

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Hello everybody!

Tonight we had a most excellent Court of Honor.  Thank you to everyone who worked on it to make it happen and thanks to everyone who brought yummy cookies!

Congratulations to everyone who earned rank and merit badges.  Congratulations to all of the new scouts who have already earned their Scouter award.  Way to go!

Troop elections will be in two weeks.  Mr. Ski will still take resumes tonight if you want to have a position on the senior staff.

If you didn’t give money to the Friends of Scouting tonight, you can still give money.  You can fill out the form or there is an online option that Mr. Ski sent out in his emails to everyone.  The money you give helps all of us have a great time in scouts!

That’s all I have tonight.

Jack T.
Troop 88 Scribe

Scribe Notes 2-28-12

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Mr. Murphy said a prayer for the Milerowski family.

Mr. Ski said some words about Mr. Millerowski.  Mr Ski said how much of a great guy he was and even told us a story about how when Mr. Millerowski was new to 88 he came out and helped Mr. Ski fix his motor home in the pouring rain with lightning all around them.  That made it so Mr. Ski could take his motor home on the Green River trip.

Mr. Ski also said the District Dinner is coming up.  He put in for Outstanding Scouter for some of the leaders so you get a free dinner for your one hour a week volunteering.

No more fires for a little while.  We need to let the grass grow back.  We shouldn’t have had a fire on the grass.

Tonight was Jonathan Bender’s birthday.  Happy Birthday!

Scott Johnson told us to get him money and medical forms if we are going to A-Basin.  You only have next week left to pay if you are going.

Next week is the Court of Honor and Troop Elections.  Bring cookies, LOTS OF COOKIES, for the Court of Honor.  Make sure you send Mr. Ski your resume if you want a leadership position.

Tonight we worked on Pioneering skills.  If you did stuff, make sure you get your books signed off if you need the requirements.

Mr. Bender talked about Klonderee.  It was really, really cold!  We had lots of fun.  We earned our polar bear awards for sleeping in below zero two nights in a row.

Tonight we also had the OA call out for the scouts who were nominated for OA.  Say Hi to the new OA guys.  Brandon Garin, Jackson Grubb, Jeffrey Honeycutt, Nick Jackson, Nick Mansfield and Andy Moncier all are now in OA.

Paster McCusker from PEPC said another prayer for the Millerowski family.

Mr. Ski reminded us all to help one another and to remember to tell our little brothers or sisters and moms and dads that we love them.

Jack T.
Troop 88 Scribe

Scribe Notes, 2-21-12

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Hello Everyone!

Here are the scribe notes from tonight’s meeting.

Mr. Johnson gave an update on the A-Basin skiing and camping weekend.  He has sent a lot of information to the Troop 88 chat already.  This year we are camping two nights, Friday and Saturday.  Saturday night is a pizza party and a meeting on avalanche and snow safety.  The ski patrol will give the presentation.  We may watch a movie that night too.  We have to pay for the trip before we go to get the discounts.  If you didn’t pay Mr. Johnson tonight, pay his son next week or Mrs. Grubb will be helping collect money too.  The costs are in his email to Troop 88 chat.

Okpik has been changed to March 16, 17 and 18.  It is at Tahosa.

Klonderee is this weekend.  Make sure you have all of your winter camping stuff ready.  There will be LOTS of snow there.

March 6th is the spring Court of Honor.  It is also troop elections.  Make sure to send your resume to Mr. Ski if you want a leadership spot.  If you don’t know what a resume is, Mr. Ski said it tells him who you are, what you do and why you want to be in the leadership spot.

Mr. Freund talked about Tahosa summer camp.  He sent some information to the troop chat about it.  He will send more information when he has it.  We may do more hiking this year at Tahosa and we may do wilderness survival.

Don’t forget that RoundTable and the OA Chapter meeting is the first Thursday of every month.  The meetings are at the LDS Church near Ponderosa high school.

Mr. Ski said he has received one resume so far.  If you want to be a leader for 88, send him your resume.  He also said that we got a great letter from the church about Scout Sunday.  Thanks to everyone who helped.  It was fun making donuts and serving them.

Morgan Miller is the Pioneer Trails Scout of the Year for 2012.  There will be a breakfast tomorrow at the PACE Center in Parker for the Scout of the Year.

Friends of Scouting information has been sent to Troop 88 chat.  Please try to donate before the Court of Honor.  The money really helps Scouting and we all really like Scouting!

Jack T.
Troop 88 Scribe

Scribe Notes 2-7-12

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Here are the Troop 88 Scribe notes for February 7, 2012

Tonight we had OA Elections.  Congratulations to everyone who was nominated.  We will know who made it later.

Josh said that tonight’s flags were pretty good considering we had some new guys doing them for the first time.  He reminded us that we were all new to the troop once so make sure you talk to the new guys and make them feel welcome.

We had 8 patrol flags tonight.  A NEW RECORD!

The troop needs two new buglers.  If you play trumpet or want to learn how to bugle, please talk to Mr. Ski or Mr. Best.

The troop will have a DARE program on March 20, 2012.  Thanks to Nick J. and his dad for getting this setup.  It’s a requirement for rank so if you haven’t done one yet, make sure you bring your books to get that signed off.

OKPIK was cancelled due to too much snow.  It will be rescheduled.  Maybe in March.  Stay tuned for more details later.

Klonderee is the last weekend of this month, February 24, 25 and 26.  Please sign up before February 14 if you want to go.  The cost is $15.  This is winter camping at Tahosa.  If you don’t think you are ready for camping, then you probably don’t want to do the winter camping.  There will be patrol competitions at Klonderee for things like orienteering and sled races.

Mr. Bender will be doing a pre-Klonderee at Mr. Lutz’s house.  He will send out more information on this.  This is a good time to figure out if you can do a cold weather campout and if you have the right stuff.

Merit Badge College is April 14th.  Sign up online at

Dinosaur Ridge is May 12th.  You can earn the Geology merit badge.

The 2012 Council Camporee will be Sept 21-23.  Registration opens in March.  There will be over 100 things to do according to the flier.

Mr. Ski gave a great big welcome to the new scouts and parents.  WELCOME!
Mr. Ski reminded us all about the Scout Law.  He talked to us about Friendly, Courteous and Kind.  We need to be better about those things with each other, with our moms, dads, brothers, sisters and our leaders.
We have 25 new scouts joining us this year coming from Webelos.
The dutch oven cook-off was great.  Lots of guys did a great job.

We need someone to help setup the “Love Bowl” football event.  Mr. Ski said he is going to be a ref this time because he’s too old to play with us now.  His knee just now feels better from the “Turkey Bowl”.

March 6th will be Troop elections.  Send your resume to Mr. Ski if you want a leadership position.

March 6th will also be the Troop Court of Honor.  Stay tuned for more details on that.

Mr. Miller told us that this Sunday at PEPC will be Troop 88’s Scout Sunday so we can say Thank You to PEPC for all they have given us.  We will help with handing out bulletins, collections and DONUTS!  We will be making the donuts.

Mr. Ski wants us at PEPC by 7:00 AM so we can get everything ready for Scout Sunday.  Lots of people raised their hands to help so let’s all be there.

Mrs. Laster said that all rank and merit badge stuff should be in by February 21st so we can get the awards at the March 6th Court of Honor.

I think that’s everything.

Jack T.
Troop 88 Scribe

Scribe Notes 1-24-11

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Hey guys this is me with the scribe notes.

We need to bring our own tinfoil to the dutch oven cook off, which happens to be the new fun-night by the way.

Josh (not SPL Josh) needs help with his eagle project. He needs personal hygiene items and he need volunteers for Sunday at the Castle Rock location from 1-4 and at the Parker location which I’m not completely sure about the time but I think it is  12- 4.

We also had the dreaded girl scouts trying to rub off some cookies on us.

ATOLLS are coming up and Mr.Ski needs people life and up to help train.

Adults, the Lions association needs members, they are the only group that donates to cub scout’s pack’s and it’s only $77 a year so please join this great cause.

-Jack T.

January 3rd 2012 Scribe Notes

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Troop 88 Scribe Notes
January 3, 2012

This Thursday at RoundTable they will be talking about the new Eagle project workbook.  If you are currently working on your Eagle project plan but have not had it approved yet, you should go to RoundTable at the LDS Church by Ponderosa High School this Thursday to learn more about the requirements for Eagle projects.

Klonderee is coming up the last weekend in February.

Mr. Ski gave his first warning about not wearing our neckerchiefs.  Everyone please find your neckerchief or get a replacement!
Anyone who will be on the crossover team for new Scouts needs to talk to Mrs. Moncier.
The troop needs two new buglers.  Troop 88 has a bugle so if you want to learn how to play it, talk to Mr. Ski.  Mr. Best is a Bugling Merit Badge counselor.
Mr. Ski wants us all to have good attitudes this year and to make it reflect our Troop, our Patrols and our families.
January 24th we will have Jim Prestel visiting us.  He was in the drafted by the Cleveland Browns and then part of the expansion Minnesota Vikings.
Everyone needs to work on their Scout signs.  They were kind of sloppy tonight.

Mr. Garin announced that it is re-charter time.  Please see him by Jan 24th to pay registration fees ($27) and yearly dues ($60).  If you do this before the 24th, then you don’t have to fill out new paperwork.  The information about dues was emailed to everyone a while ago.

Kyle H. was home for the holidays and came to visit us tonight.  He is an Eagle Scout from Troop 88 and is currently in the Army.

Jack T.
Troop 88 Scribe

Scribe Notes December 13, 2011

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Troop 88 Scribe Notes
December 13, 2011

The Librarian has asked everyone to either return your Merit Badge books or to let him know that you still have them.

There is a PLC meeting on January 7, 2012 at PEPC from 2 – 5 PM to plan the next three months of Troop meetings.  Josh will send out emails about this and to remind everyone.  If you are currently in a leadership position such as Patrol Leader, ASPL, etc. then you need to come to this meeting.

If you ordered King Soopers cards, please make sure to pick them up.

Josh commented on that we have 6 patrol flags here tonight and with a smaller number of Scouts present, that’s pretty cool!  Keep it up!

Mr. Ski said we had a great Christmas party this year and everyone had a good time.  We had Webelos visiting us tonight.  They said they were there to learn stuff.  Mr. Ski asked them if they knew how to tie knots and then told them to teach us how.
Mr. Ski apologized for the meeting tonight since the high schoolers have finals this week.

Mark A. was going for his Eagle Silver Palm boards tonight.  Aaron M. passed his Eagle board last week.  Chris C. is going before his Eagle board tomorrow night.  Congrats to everyone!

Mrs. Palmore will be sending out an email to the Troop about helping this weekend with a pancake breakfast.  Watch for the email and reply to her if you can help.

Charles G. was home for a visit and came in to see us.  He’s like 7 feet tall and couldn’t join the Marines because he was too tall.  That’s a true story!

Tonight we worked on knots and lashings.  Next year we will have a one-handed bowline tying contest and a sheetbend tying contest.  Make sure you practice!  The information is in your Scout Handbook on how to tie them.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year!

Jack T.
Troop 88 Scribe

Scribe Notes November 15, 2011

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Matt J. will be doing the JLT/ITLS on the first weekend in December.  The
cost is $5 per Scout.  Only 30 Scouts can sign up.  He wants Patrol
Leaders, Assistant Patrol Leaders, Troop Guides and other leadership
positions to sign up first.  This will run from 6 pm Friday until about 11
am Saturday.  The training will be Friday night.  Saturday will be
breakfast, clean up and Troop planning for the next year.

Vince D talked about OA.  Keith I. will be the new Spirit Eagle Chapter
Chief.  He's also from Troop 88.  Dec 7 is the next OA meeting and
Christmas party.  Wear Red and White of some type.  Do NOT wear a bathing
suit!  ;-)

NOAC is coming up in 243 days.  OA will leave from Union Station by train
for Chicago 3 days before NOAC.  You'll get to spend a day doing cool stuff
in Chicago before going to NOAC.  You'll take a bus to Michigan State for
NOAC.  The cost is $950 but it covers the train ticket, bus ticket,
training, etc.  Vince D. has more details for any OA members who want to go.

Josh is now the Service Chair for the OA Lodge.  If you want to help staff
the service projects for OA, talk to Josh.

Mrs. Moncier announced our family friendly football this weekend at
Cimarron Middle School.  It will start at 9 am.  She also asked that
someone bring a real football so we can play.  She also talked about the
Dec 10 carriage horse parade in Parker.  She will have more details on that

Josh announced that he has applications for anyone interested in CIT (must
be 14 or 15) or Paid Staff at camp.  Paid Staff must be at least 16 years

Mrs. Hendrick announced the Christmas Party will be on Dec 6th.  There will
be an e-vite sent out.  Please check your junk mail in case it goes there.
She will need 10 scouts to do setup and 10 different scouts to do cleanup.

Amy Whirley was our guest speaker.  She owns 4 Paws Mobile Vet.  She talked
to us about being a vet and the different types of vets there are.  She
talked about having to do surgery to get a steak knife out of a dogs
stomach and also to get golf balls out of another dogs stomach.  She also
gave a tour of her mobile vet trailer.

Mr. Yost asked everyone who still has a temporary neckerchief to please
bring them back to him.  He only has 15 left and we need more for the new
scouts who cross over next year.  You get a permanent neckerchief when you
reach Tenderfoot rank instead of Scout.  If you need to buy a new
neckerchief or a new slide, they are $5 each.  You can also learn how to
make your own slides is what Josh said.

Mr. Ski asked us how many times we get warnings at home when we are doing
things wrong.  He said no more warnings about our neckerchiefs.  He wrote
down names for everyone who wasn't wearing one tonight.  This is part of
our uniform and we need to wear it at the meetings unless we are coming
from a sporting event and we are still in our sports uniform.  That's ok.
Sports is a good thing.  Also, no more warnings about Bermuda shorts.  From
now on, if you don't wear the uniform correctly then there will be 30 days
until you can have a Scoutmaster's conference.

If you want to invite friends to play our friendly football, that's ok but
they have to understand that this is football.  We have fun but it's

We need Buglers for the Troop.  It is a rank position for the Troop.  One
Bugler is an Eagle Scout now and one is about to be.  So, if you can play
the Bugle and want to do it for the Troop, please talk to Mr. Ski.

The Rattlesnake Patrol had a cool new flag.  Mr. Ski said we have 15
patrols but there were only 5 flags at the meeting.  Everyone needs to get
them done and at the meetings.  Several patrols said they are working on
their flags still.

We had a visitor tonight.  Nando's little brother Noah.  Josh and the
senior patrol and other boys all got up and sang "I''m a little tea pot"
instead of a bear hug.  It was funny to watch.  I hope we see this on

Zach S. invited some "scary people" up.  They were the people who own the
farm where we had the Haunted Maze.  Zach thanked everyone who worked on
the maze and the farm for clean up and stuff.  He thanked Mike for letting
us use his farm and John for being there every day to help us.  Mike
thanked all of the Scouts for being courteous to the people who came to the
maze and taking care of the land.  He gave the Troop a check for over $2200.

Colin will be doing a service project for Samaritan's Purse OCC on Dec 6
from 5 - 9.  They do shoeboxes filled with Christmas presents.  You need to
be at least 13 years old to help at the site.  You can pack a shoebox and
bring it to the drop off in Aurora.  Learn more at  Thanks to my dad for finding the link.

Noah talked about Scouting for Food.  If you helped with that project,
please talk to him so he can update the information.

Mr. Ski had two more things to say.  There were 76 veterans at Cimarron for
Veteran's Day and there were a lot of Scouts in uniform to welcome them.
He was really proud of us for doing that.  He also said thanks to the
Scouts who helped at the craft fair to help carry stuff in for people there.

The last thing was from Josh.  There is a weather rock contest for the
Troop.  If you want to participate, design your weather rock project and
present it to him.  The winner will be the official weather rock for the

One last thing from me for the other Patrol leaders.  We had patrol
meetings to talk about what we want to do for the next year.  Make sure to
tell Josh what your patrols want to do so we can help plan stuff for next
year.  I think Mr. Ski might want to see that too.

Jack T.
Troop 88 Scribe

Scribe Notes Nov 1, 2011

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Troop 88 Meeting Nov 1, 2011

Josh noticed that only three patrols had flags.  All patrols need to bring their flags to the meetings.
Josh also stated that we need more enthusiasm in the meetings.

Mr. Ski helped to welcome five Webelos who “snuck in” from Pack 369 to visit us.  He said that all Webelos should sneak into Troop meetings to really see what is going on.

The boys were all welcomed with the typical “GROUP HUG!”

Mr. Ski reminded everyone that we need to respect the speed limits of the parking lot, 20 MPH, and the dirt road by the Youth Minister’s house, 5 MPH.  He also reminded us that the Youth Minister has a dog so we need to be extra careful when driving on the dirt road.

Special thanks to Zach S, Mr. Milerowski and Mrs. Palmore for helping with the Haunted Maze.  We should have numbers within the next few weeks.  This is our 3rd year doing the Haunt and the money from the event goes to the Troop to help pay for things like boats and rafts.

Again the question was asked, “Where is your scarf?”  Starting in the fall, Troop 88 wears neckerchiefs as part of our uniform.  Please find yours or let us know that you cannot find it.

We need boys to step up and help plan the annual Turkey Bowl!  We want to play football – the muddier the field, the better!

We also need boys to step up and help plan the annual Christmas Party!

Thanks to Noah and Ben for helping to run the Straw Maze on Main St this Halloween!  Thanks also goes to the boys who handed out fliers for Parker Station.

Josh announced that tonight’s activity is to clean out the Patrol boxes.  We need to do a better job of cleaning them when we use them instead of at a Troop meeting.

No meeting on the 22nd since that is Thanksgiving week.  The 29th is a Fun Night.  Stay tuned for more details on that.

Start thinking and planning for a Dutch Oven Cook-off.  That will be in January.

Mr. Johnson will be holding a First Aid Merit Badge class on Nov 13th.  See the Troop website for details.

The Troop Patrol Board and Troop Activity Board needs to be updated.  The Scribe needs to work on this with Dylan H.  Dylan still needs to complete some tasks on the boards.

Josh requested that we not charge up and group hug the visitors any more.  Some of the boys looked a bit scared by the hoard.  Definitely welcome the visitors but let’s find another way to make them feel welcome.

Nando said a prayer for our Troop members who have recently had family members pass as well as family members in the hospital.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to them!


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