Troop 88 Scribe Notes – Sept 27, 2011

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Troop 88 Scribe Notes – Sept 27, 2011

Josh announced that the schedules will be posted by the door for all meetings.  Sorry if there weren’t enough tonight.
Josh asked for all Troop Guides and Patrol Leaders to meet with him to discuss the schedule during the breakout.

Fall Camporee is in two weeks.  It will be on Oct 7-9 at PV.  Mr. Bender is in charge of Camporee.  Please talk to him about signing up.  Please also talk to Mr. Bender about who can drive and how many extra people you can take.  All adults who will be camping need to have their Youth Protection Training completed.  We also need all medical forms for campers.
Pre-camporee will not be a camp-out.  It will be Saturday at Mr. Lutz’s house from 7 or 8 until 12.  If you don’t know where Mr. Lutz lives, please contact him or Mr. Bender.  Please dress appropriately for the weather since we will be outside.  You don’t need to be in uniform for pre-camporee, just normal Saturday clothes.

All popcorn orders must be turned in by Oct 15 to Mrs. Hoaglin.  Please email her with what you have sold and what you need ordered.  Her email address is moc.qnull@nilgaohh.

Zach said there is one more work day for the maze – tomorrow starting at 4.  Please show up to help!!  Haunt nights start this Friday, Sept 30.  Haunts are every Friday and Saturday until Halloween from 7 – 11 each night.  You need to have your own costumes.  No characters like Disney.  We want to scare people!  Bring warm clothes and a flashlight.  We need at least 20 people every single night to haunt the maze.  There are thousands of flyers that have Troop 88′s name all over them.  We need to keep our commitment to Flat Acre Farms.  We also need adults to help with security and admissions.

Mr. Ski wants to know where the Facebook page is to advertise this haunted maze!
Mr. Ski also said this is our third year doing this so we can’t let people down who have been before.

Morgan Miller was recently elected as the Section Chief for the OA Chapter for our section.  This is a first for Troop 88!  He also recently obtained his vigil for OA.  Way to go Morgan!!!

Closing announcement from Josh was that everyone needs to do better with leadership.  The Venturing Crew did an awesome job tonight with knots and lashings but people were disrespectful and left after only a few minutes.  Scouts need to be more attentive to what their Patrol Leader is telling them.

Nando lead the Troop in a poetic prayer about faith and God’s leadership.

Jack T.
Troop 88 Scribe

Scribe Notes September 20, 2011

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Troop 88 Scribe Notes September 20, 2011

Zach Sertic talked about the haunted maze. We still need help building it. We will work on it this week Wednesday from 4-7. Friday there is no school so we can work on it that day starting at 10am. We need at least 20 people per night to haunt the maze starting on September 30 so please sign up! We also need adults to work security and tickets.

Wreath Sales started tonight. Forms were handed out. We have until October 30th to get the forms turned in. There will be two Sunday’s at PEPC to sell wreaths. The 16th and the 23rd from 8:30am to about 12. Those who sign up should attend services too. Questions can be sent to the coordinator. Her email address is on the sheet handed out and her phone number too.

Mrs. Bepristis held a merit badge counselors training during the breakout for adults.

Mr. Garin reminded everyone about dues. 40 boys owe dues. 30 boys have money in their account. He also reminded everyone for the popcorn kernel that forms are due on October 15th.

Mr. Bender gave an update on Fall Camporee – Boot Camp! It will be October 7-9. There will be patrol competitions for things like boot javelin, boot ball, sponge wars, riffle shooting and geocache. Webelos are invited and will be part of the troop patrols. They can camp too but have to sleep with their parents. Medical forms are needed. Patrols will plan meals, shop and cook. Patrols will be planned later. It will cost $10 for camporee. Food costs are per patrol.

Pre-camporee will be the week before at Mr. Lutz’s house. More information later on that.

Mr. Lutz reminded adults about ITOLS on October 8th at Camporee. Adults can register for that online.

Mr. Decker went over how cool fall court of honor was. It was AWESOME! We ate a 200 pound pig and Mr. Albee was surprised. We earned over 300 merit badges! Let’s earn more for the next court of honor!

Alex made an announcement about a religious award class and there were 5 spots open for sign-up for the first 5 that came up.

For the breakout sessions, patrols were told to meet and talk about what they want to do for the next six months.

Jack T. Troop 88 Scribe

Scribe Notes, July 5, 2011

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Scribe Notes 7/5/11

  • 10th- 16th OA National Summit Corps
  • 12th- Parent/Leadership Meeting- No scouts
  • 19th- Reg. Troop Meeting Guest speaker, tying games
  • 23rd-30th Green River Trip
  • 26th- Troop Meeting with a Twist

Rest of July, the troop is learning to tie knots




Scribe Notes June 7, 2011

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Scribe Notes 6/7/11

  • JUNE
  • 9th- Parker Days Sneak peak
  • 9th- Pioneer Trails District Committee
  • 10th – 12th Parker Days *
  • 14th – Flag day
  • 14th – Committee meeting
  • 16th -Pioneer Trails District Commissioner
  • 18th – Brian Yost’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor
  • 19th -25th – Tahosa- If you haven’t paid, you can’t go
  • 21st- Troop Meeting- guest speaker
  • June 26th –July 2nd – Peaceful Valley- if you didn’t pay you can’t go
  • JULY
  • 1st -7th Philmont Trek
  • 4th – Let Freedom Sing ( Mrs. Grubb)
  • 5th- PLC meeting and Troop Meeting
  • 8th – 10th Hornaday weekend
  • 8th- Roundtable and OA meeting
  • 12th-Committee Meeting
  • 10th- 16th – OA National Summit Corps
  • 19th- Troop Meeting
  • 23rd -30th – Green River Floating trip

* We will be operating the parking lot along pine curve again this year.  Hopefully the rain will stay away and we can make more than $10 this year.  The lot will be open Friday 4:30 – 10pm; Saturday 7:30 am – 10 pm; and Sunday 8:30 am – 6 pm.  We have been asked to provide free parking during the parade, but any car staying longer will be charged $5.  Please sign up to volunteer during tonight’s meeting.  You can contact Zach Sertic or Mrs. Grubb for any further questions.

Andy M.
Troop 88 Scribe

Scribe Notes – May 17, 2011

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Scribe Notes                                   Troop 88                                           May 17, 2011


  • 24th – School’s Out – Troop meeting.  Patrol reorganization.  Everyone, be sure to attend!
  • 27th-29th Vedauwoo camping weekend.  Be sure to give Mr. Krey or Mr. Bender your medical form and Climbing release form.
  • 30th Memorial day
  • 31st Fun night pump it up 6-7:30p


  • 7th PLC Troop Meeting
  • 10th-12th Parker Days with Carnival Sneak Peak, June 9th
  • 14th committee meeting
  • 19th Father’s Day
  • 21st summer solstice troop meeting
  • 28th no meeting
  • 19th-25th Tahosa
  • 26th- July 2nd Peaceful valley


  • 4th Independence Day and 30th Anniversary of Parker, “Let Freedom Sing”
  • 5th PLC Troop Meeting
  • 8th-10th  Hornaday Award Weekend, contact Mrs. Moncier for information


Andy M.
Troop Scribe
Mountain Lions Patrol

Scribe Notes 5/3/11

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Scribe Notes 5/3/11

  • May 8th Mothers Day
  • May 10th Committee Mtg
  • May 17th Troop Meeting – Guest Speaker Jack Hilbert DC Commissioner @ 7pm
  • May 21st ? Alpine Slide – Roadrunner Patrol?
  • May 24th LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!! Troop Meeting
  • May 25th ? Denver Mint – Mountain Lions?
  • May 27th- 30th Vedauwoo Climbing weekend/ Family Camp-out Mr. Krey and Mr. Bender
  • May  30th Memorial Day
  • May 31st ? Fun Night? – Devin Milerowski
  • June 2nd Roundtable
  • June 4th ?Go Carting – Duct Tape Patrol?
  • June 7th PLC meeting/Troop meeting
  • June 8th ? Cave of Winds – Rattlesnake Patrol?
  • June 10th- 12th Parker Days with Carnival Sneak Peak on 9th. T88 is helping and going to be in the Parade.
  • June 14th Committee Meeting
  • June 19th Fathers Day
  • June 19th- 25th Tahosa (First 2 payments overdue, see Mr. Garin)
  • June 21st Summer Solstice and Troop Meeting Possible Guest Speaker
  • June 26th- July 2nd PV (First 2 payments overdue, see Mr. Garin)
  • June 28th No Troop Meeting
  • July 4th – Let Freedom Sing Event, sign up to sell glow sticks
  • July 5th – PLC meeting/Troop meeting
  • July 8-10 Hornaday Award Weekend – Mrs. Moncier leading


Other Stuff Dates TBA

  • Town Council Meetings – volunteer for flags
  • Movies at O’Brien Park during summer
  • Parker Chamber Event –  Golf at Black Bear Golf course

Andy M.
Troop 88 , Scribe

Scribe Notes 4/19/11

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Scribe Notes 4/19/2011

April 26th –Troop meeting
April 29th – April 30th- New Scout Camp-out
May 3rd - PLC/Troop meeting
May 17th – Swim Check- TENTATIVE
May 21st – Alpine Slide- TENTATIVE (Road Runners?)
May 24th –LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!- Troop Meeting
May 25th –Denver Mint Tour- TENTATIVE
May 27th- 29th Veedavoo Camp-out
May 30th -Memorial day
May 31st -Fun Night
June 2nd –Roundtable
June 4th -Go Carting- TENTATIVE- (Duct Tape?)
June 7th –PLC/Troop Meeting
June 8th -Cave of winds-TENTATIVE- (Rattlesnakes?)
June 11th -Geocaching/Orienteering- TENTATIVE
June 14th –Committee Meeting
June 19th - 25th Tahosa
June 21st -Troop Meeting
June 26th – July 2st Peaceful Valley
June 28th -Troop Meeting

 A. Moncier, Troop 88 Scribe

4511 Scribe Notes

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4511 Scribe Notes


  • Sat. 9th – Pioneer Trails Merit Badge college
  • Tue. 12th – Committee meeting 6:30pm
  • Sat. 16th – Scout show
  • Sun. 17th – TENTATIVE Tree Lovers Arbor Day
  • Tue. 19th – Troop Meeting
  • Tue. 26th – Troop Meeting
  • Fri 29th –Sat. 30th  - New Scout camp-out @ PEPC(See Mrs. Moncier or Mr. Bepristis)


  • Tue. 3rd – PLC and Troop meeting advancements
  • Tue. 10th – Committee meeting
  • Tue. 17th – Swim checks Troop Meeting
  • Sat. 21st – Alpine Slide( Road Runners Patrol)
  • Tue. 24th – Star Night
  • Fri. 27th – Sun. 29th – Vedevoo Weekend
  • Tue. 31st – Troop Fun Night- ? Movie Night

Other Troop Stuff

  • Everyone, everyone needs a troop roster. If you don’t have one please e-mail Mr. Ski at moc.nsmnull@yksilakseoj 
  • If you have any ideas for a speaker to come and talk to the troop, please talk to Mr. Ski or the SPL
  • If you want to have a patrol skit or song please sign up
  • Work on your patrol plane rocket things for the Scout Show.
  • FLAGS! We will have a break out to do them, if you and your patrol would like to plan one please sign out for a break out activity
  • Patrols need to come up with new games, capture the flag is probably getting a bit boring for a few, and when you play any game remember, NO PARKING LOT!!

 Andy M.
Troop 88 Scribe
Mountain Lions Patrol

Scribe Notes 3/15/11

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Scribe Notes 3/15/11
3/19-27  Spring Break 

3/22 No regular troop meeting, there will be a New Scout meeting, where work-out clothes

3/29  Troop Fun Night at Jump Street
Address:      7969 E. Arapahoe Rd.
Greenwood Village, CO 80112
When: March 29th Troop 88 Fun Night
Time: Between 6:30-8:30pm
Cost: $10 for two hours
Organized by the Duct Tape Patrol. Please email Tanner Connelly to RSVP by March 27th ten.tsacmocnull@evets.yllennoc

4/5  PLC/Troop meeting

4/16  Scout Show at National Western, tickets are still being sold, talk to Mr. Garin

4/19 Pioneer Trails Merit Badge College– sign up online at Denver Area Council website

6/26-7/2 Summer Camp payments due Peaceful Valley
$120 due March 1st $120

6/19-25 Tahosa
$120 due March 1st $120, see Mrs. Wilhelm

Andy M.
Troop 88 Scribe

3/1/11 – Scribe Notes

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March 3 – OA 7:00 LDS Stakehouse/District Roundtable
3/8 – Troop 88 Spring CofH 6:30
3/15 – Troop Meeting
3-19-27  Spring Break  No meeting
3/29 Troop Fun Nite at Jump Street; more to come
4/5 PLC/Troop meeting
4/16 Scout Show at National Western
Summer Camp payments due Peaceful Valley (camp dates 6/26-7/2)
$120 due March 1st $120 4/5
Tahosa (camp dates 6/19-25)
$120 due March 1st $120 45
Mr. Bender:  Klondoree a great success 424 Scouts/22 troops
Troop 88 1st place/4th place in hatchet throwing
Mr. Best Merit Badge College 4/19 – sign up online
RSVP – means please respond to whomever is inviting you
Cody S.
Troop 88 Scribe

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