Troop 88 Meeting Notes

Online Troop Meeting

A Zoom account is not required. A webcam is not required.  Just click on the link below to connect your computer.  It will ask you to download an application if you have not used Zoom before.  You can connect video and voice by computer, or video by computer and voice by telephone, or just voice by telephone. PLEASE MUTE YOUR PHONE WHEN YOU JOIN THE MEETING and then UNMUTE for the Pledge of Allegiance, Scout Oath, Scout Law, and Outdoor Code.

Class A Uniform please.


Topic: Troop 88 Virtual Meeting

This is the PLC for any questions regarding their fields feel free to reach out to them.


 PLC members:

  SPL - David LaPaglia

  ASPL - Nick Messick

  ASPL - Cody Shank

  Historian - Jonah Vigil

  Quartermaster - Beau Tomsic

  Scribe - Josiah Vigil

  Chaplain’s Aid - Ethan Dean

  Bugler - Alexander Sherrer

  WebMaster - Ben (new to 88. Getting his info)

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