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Summer Camp 2021

Ben Delatour Scout Ranch 

June 2021

Troop 88 Summer Camp

Cost will be $425 per scout and $200 per adult.  I've got two adult volunteers but would welcome as many more as would like to jump in.  Half payment is due at the end of March.  Final Payment due June 1.

I'm looking for an SPL and ASP.  

Have the scouts who are interested reach out to me.

Sign up:

Troop 88 Summer Camp Sign Up

Camp Information:

T88 will be attending Ben Delatour Summer Camp in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado June 20 - 26.  This will be an amazing adventure for the boys.  They will be camping, completing merit badges, experience patrol-style cooking, have an outpost night of wilderness survival, strengthening their connections as a troop, and have non-stop fun and adventure.


Cost for camp will be $425 per scout (plus any merit badge fees).  Full payment due by 1 June 2021.  First half deposit due by 31 March 2021.


Each scout will be able to take up to 4 merit badge classes (options listed below).  


If your son is interested in attending summer camp please complete the attached survey.  If you have any questions of concerns please reach out to Shane Knight at 913-593-6514 or


We are looking for a few adults to attend and support. If you are interested in attending as an adult leader please reach out to me for more information.


** For Scouts New to the Troop:  Welcome to Troop 88!  We are super excited to have your boys join us.  For many scouts, summer camp is by far the best experience in a scout's first year in BSA.  They develop a ton of independence, have immeasurable fun, and develop strong bonds with the other scouts in the troop.  And, the boys knock out many of the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second and First Class Rank Advancement.  It truly is an amazing time for the boys and adults who attend.  


To Sign Up for summer camp complete the survey:  T88 Summer Camp Sign-Up



Merit Badge Options:

First Aid

Emergency Preparedness

Environmental Science




Wilderness Survival



Astronomy/Space Exploration

Citizenship in the World




Fly Fishing

Horsemanship (riding boots required)


Wood Carving

Summer Camp at Peaveful Valley
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